Archie Comic Publications, Inc., gained a visionary when Nancy Silberkleit joined the company as Co-Chief Executive Officer in 2009. Formerly an art educator in New Jersey, Nancy Silberkleit took over her husband’s role at Archie Comics after he passed away. Michael Silberkleit had been the company's co-chair and the son of one of the founders, Louis Silberkleit. Even though Nancy Silberkleit had no formal experience in business and was not a comic book reader herself, she immediately proved valuable to the legendary publishing company.

Drawing on her background in education, Nancy Silberkleit created a division within Archie Comics that focuses on student literacy and fundraising. Through Comic Book Fairs, schools can collect 40% of the sales from the comics sold on the day of the fair. Nancy Silberkleit believes that “Comics + Children = Reading,” and indeed, comic books and graphic novels have inspired young people to read for many decades. Nancy Silberkleit realizes that comic books can educate students on issues relevant to them, such as bullying, cultural awareness, and health and wellness. Furthermore, Nancy Silberkleit is an advocate for arts in education and recognizes the benefits of exposing students to material that incorporates both art and text.

Nancy Silberkleit completed a dual major at Boston College in art and education. Subsequently, she worked as an art teacher and was instrumental in launching the Hudson Valley Children’s Museum, located in Nyack, New York. She also collaborated with the East Hampton Library to establish a fundraiser that allowed readers to meet famous authors. Furthermore, Nancy Silberkleit has developed art programs for children in summer camps and group homes. Born in Englewood, New Jersey, she has been covered by Fortune Magazine and has collaborated with influential groups, such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, in order to emphasize the critical role comic books can play in motivating students to read.

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